Morocco is, no doubt, an incredible country to explore. Attractions of Morocco present an attention-grabbing taste of the striking, with conjurers, souks heaped high with crowds of resources and never-ending specs of mint tea. It is a quest into some of the most dramatic scenery of North Africa with the desert on its access way and the rocky heights of the Atlas Mountains outside. You can have lots of things to do in Morocco that are listed below.

Into an eternal, serene world of amazing coastal villages, beautifully decorated towns that stick to hillsides, and isolated settlements protected by fairy-tale adobe forts. This charming country is an integration of the African and Arab worlds. It is not a surprise that artists and writers have feted Morocco for decades and keep on to captivate all who visit.

What is the best time to visit Morocco?

The perfect time of the year to visit Marrakesh is Spring and Autumn. The chances of rain are not many, the days are comparatively comfortable, and the nights are not too cold. Morocco Weather in winter is not so bad, but sometimes it can rain and the nights can be cold. In June, the hot desert wind brings a hot desert wind that makes the city dirty and gives headaches to some people.   

Let’s move on to the best places to visit in Morocco:

Marrakesh Medina

For many visitors, the busy and lively hum of Marrakesh medina concludes Morocco and is the main tourist attraction. From the huge plaza of Djemma el-Fna Square, the old city is entered where it appears half the city joins all through the day and into the evening to spend time with the stall dealers, snake charmers, conventional musicians, and casual acrobats.

Marrakech Madina
Marrakech Madina

Once you are in the medina, it feels like to be in a world of puzzling alleyways and shopkeeper bundle. This is a colourful and strident life, and you must not miss the Moroccan sightseeing tracks. 

Hassan II Mosque

Main Point of Casablanca for attention and attraction building, the Hassan II Mosque is a generous sign not only of the city but also of Morocco itself. The decoration covers detailed each centimetre of the epic two-hectare site got 10,000 artisans to complete.

Hassan II Mosque
Hassan II Mosque

Delicately engraved marble pieces, zellige tile, lively mosaics details all pay compliments to conventional Islamic architecture ideas and the mastery of Moroccan artisanship.

Wander through Ait Benhaddou

Most likely, Ait Benhaddou will be one of the best places to visit in Morocco for you during your trip. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that seems like it is carved within the mountain itself. Locally, this little village is known as an ighrem that was used as a stopping point for traders throughout the desert.

Indeed, very few people live here; still, it is a remarkable place to see.

Oudaias Kasbah

This is also one of the best places to visit in Morocco as it has lots of striking areas, but Rabat’s Oudaias Kasbah district has to be one of the most charming places in the country. A serene and ideally attractive area thinks miles away from the city regardless of right in the core of the city.

This old fort has the paths of white and blue houses inside the walls rimmed with bright flowerpots as well as fluttering washing have a mislaid in time mood, which is really difficult to beat.


Among all the cities of Morocco, the most European is Tangier that has an attractive and a bit wicked role in 20th-century fictional history, and this history is what grabs the attention of many tourists.

This city-inspired renowned works such as Paul Bowels’ The Sheltering Sky and William Burroughs’ Naked Lunch.

Since the day, Tangier may have been scoured up with the bohemian cafes and louche bars extensive gone, but you can still grasp the scent of the debauched days gone by.


The number one Roman ruin of Morocco is a devour for the lovers of history with a hold of outstanding montages still interred where they were uncovered. Also, you will see this site as enriched with toppled columns and sanctuary leftovers, standing as reminders that even the utmost empires disintegrate eventually.

The hilltop place lets the ruins to lord over the adjoining scenery, adding to the idealistic ambience of lost beauty. This is one of the best things to do in Morocco.

Ait Ben Haddou

With this golden-stoned adobe, Kasbah fort pushes radically out of the earth among panorama that smashes all who visit. It is just like a folk tale place, and naturally, the orange-hued towers and wavy lanes within have turn into a preferred film location for Hollywood because of the unreal prettiness of the place. Within the Kasbah, you can even get to sleep if you want the complete Ait Ben Haddou experience.

In the case, if you are going into the inland regions of Morocco, it should be on the must-visit list. Of course, it can be one of the best things to do in Morocco. So, you have to come in the early morning or in late afternoon, as the visit bus crowds go down from about 10 AM to 2 PM.


The most delightful seashore town of Morocco is Essaouira, which is an old hippie trouble of the 1970s that has lost none of its genuineness. The beautiful boats dipping on the water, splendid old shore-side fortress walls, and curvy tracks of the old city make it a pleasure to explore.

Here, you will also enjoy a decent food scene with seafood an obvious mainstay on menus as well as great café life. Those who seek more lively sightseeing, there are great walks together with the beach to distant villages and surfing along the beach.

Erg Chebbi

In the eastern Sahara region of Morocco, inland is the impressive and flowing sand dunes of the Erg Chebbi. Here, adventure seekers and explorers head to get a dosage of desert feat. For dune surfing, dune bashing, four-wheel-drives, and the camel ride, this is the main territory. Those who have less lively nature, sitting among the sand dune grandeur, are praiseworthy enough of the long expedition out here.

Rif Mountains

Surrounded by palm groves and arid plains, lots of Morocco’s mountain scenery is rocky peaks, and the Rif Mountains offer some abundant green reprieve. For bikers, hikers, and day hikers, it will be a perfect chance to head out into nature with lots of tracks for both the latest trekkers.  

Final Thoughts

This is not the end of the list, as there is so much to do in Morocco. You can make your trip ultimately memorable and amazing. Pick up the best places to visit in Morocco from the list and enjoy your trip.