things to do in Toronto

Top Most Things To Do In Toronto

Things To Do In Toronto

Toronto is one of the most exciting and adventurous cities for tourists and locals. Whether you are planning a vacation to Toronto or a city resident, you should not miss the fun the city has to offer. From mesmerizing beauty of Niagara Falls to the delicious delight of the St. Lawrence market, this city is packed with full of thrilling and interesting spots. So, if your next holiday plan is to visit or explore this city, then there are many impressive things to do in Toronto that you should not miss out on.

Here is a list of some top things you can do in Toronto and make your vacation a fascinating experience.

A day tour to Niagara Falls


Of multiple things to do in Toronto, watching Niagara Falls should be the topmost. Similarly, a vacation to Toronto will be incomplete if you miss out on visiting Niagara fall. The most magnificent waterfall in the world is surely one of Toronto’s best places to visit. You can enjoy a closer view of the waterfall by boating towards it or mesmerize yourself with its beauty through the distant view from some famous restaurants there. Hence, your day will be made both ways, and you will love to visit there again.

Visit Ontario Museum


Whether you are a history lover or not, an Ontario museum visit should never be off your bucket list. With an over wide range of galleries, the museum contains massive pieces of art and architecture from different civilizations and cultures from all over the world. It has so much to offer that it can draw the attention of anybody.

Bless your taste buds in St. Lawrence Market


Well, who doesn’t love food? Exploring the tastes and food of the new city can excite anybody. And St. Lawrence Market is the perfect place to do so. It is even considered one of the best food Market ones could ever visit. Everything is available in this double-storied food market, from freshly baked to processed food, from raw fish to cooked pasta. It has been home to almost 200 vendors and has been a city landmark for two centuries.

Shop like never before


Toronto is full of such markets where you can find anything you wish for. Whether it be clothing, accessories, house stuff, gift items, and much more. Eaton center, Kensington Market, and Queen Street West are among the few names you should keep in mind before heading out for shopping. You can shop in the markets as you have never before. Therefore, an extra shopping budget will be highly essential if you opt for shopping as one of the things to do in Toronto.

Explore Toronto Island


One ferry ride and you can escape the busy city life and enter the calm environment of the Toronto Island. It serves as a mental detox and contains more beauty to explore and get mesmerized. Therefore, sparing a day from your vacation to explore Toronto Island can never be a bad choice. Sit near the water, enjoy the breezy waves, eat your comfort food, and have fun with your family. What else good can one expect from a vacation?

Enjoy the view from CN Tower


High-speed elevators at CN Tower will take you to the top to let you enjoy the panoramic views of the beautiful city of Toronto. It is one of the thrilling spots in the city. And as a fun explorer, you should not miss out on spending a good 2-3 hours above the city.

Explore Casa Loma


Casa Loma is one of the most beautiful castles built in the middle of the city. A former Canadian investor is now one of the most attractive places in the city. With its unique decoration, arrangements, garden, secret passages, and not to forget 800-foot tunnel, it has been a tourist spot for quite a long. Therefore, explore Casa Loma and enjoy its beauty.

Set out for Hockey Hall of Fame


Hockey Hall of Fame is one of the most exciting places to visit if you are a hockey lover. Plan your day, grab your snacks, and set out for Hockey Hall of Fame. One of the best things to do in Toronto for hockey lovers. You can play virtual games with your favorite players’ animated versions, watch hockey-themed movies, etc.

Wander in Toronto Zoo


With a wide range of species and thousands of animals, wandering in the Toronto zoo can be a good vacation spot, especially if you are a family with kids. Exploring zoo can be fun and educational while making children aware of different animal species and their habitats. Hence, Toronto Zoo can be the best place for this purpose as it provides animals with an environment similar to their natural habitat.

Well, there are many more things to explore and places to visit in Toronto. Make the most out of your vacations by doing and visiting the topmost things. The city is full of overwhelming spots, and you can always find interesting things to do in Toronto.

Plan your next vacation to Toronto.