Toronto is a massive city in Canada and it appears to be the largest city with most visitors. This city is also one of the multicultural cities in the whole world. Actually, it is commonly known as The New York City of Canada.

Toronto has been divided into six districts and Old Toronto was split into five different parts. Each one of them is then divided into the little district, some of them are cultural enclaves. Visitors can have lots of things to do in Toronto, ranging from architectural structures to renowned annual events.

Here is a list of all the special things to do in Toronto trip to make it unforgettable.

Toronto Islands

Toronto Islands have many thrilling activities that can let you entertain all summer long. Jump on the ferry or a water taxi to get on a classic adventure on this iconic archipelago for a day of sports, food, fun, and lounging on the beach.

On the Toronto Islands, you can do great things given below:

Visit the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse

Would you like to have a trip to Halan’s Point to witness this historic construction?

It is known as one of the oldest buildings of Toronto as this stone tower was made in 1808 and I doubt it must be haunted. Actually, on the Great Lakes, it is the oldest lighthouse sitting. If you are brave enough and don’t scared of ghosts, then you must visit this place. It might be possible that you get to know about some ghostly stories.

Take a Swan Ride

Do you like swan ride?

You must experience the ideal pedal boat, which is just a throw of stone away from the Centreville theme park. You just need to find a partner and get those things working to make a small loop around the pool.

Halan’s Point

Well, this island spot is the only clothing-optional beach of the country. Visitors cannot forget the view of the beach because it is unbeatable and the water is so refreshing.

Distillery District

No doubt, the Distillery District is an architectural fortune and for arts, culture, and entertainment, it is a top objective. Initially, it was Gooderham and Worts Distillery and now it is known as the National Historic Site of Canada. This area is bordered by a city of glass and concrete. Actually, it is the biggest sealed group in the world.               

Have a Delicious Meal

This place has a couple of delicious restaurants. You can enjoy dinner among stone walls and steel beams while mixing their historic setting with modern cuisine. Well, these mouth-watering foods are the best ones out of all.

Scroll the Local Art Galleries

While in the Distillery District, you may observe one thing that the artists run this place. Ultimately, a wide range of galleries can be seen there that are both international and local art.

Savour the Day at a Café

In the Distillery District, you can have lots of things to do. However, some cafes are there to charge you up and keep you active. Try one of them and have a visit to amusing coffee shops.

Royal Ontario Museum

ROM or Royal Ontario Museum is now called the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal. It is located at one of the most famous intersections in downtown Toronto. This is the largest museum of Canada that grabs the attention of more than a million visitors every year.

royal ontario museum
Royal Ontario Museum

Five intersecting metal-clad volumes of the building collectively developed the current name. The design successfully invites glimpses up, down, and into galleries from the inner bridges and from the street.

Casa Loma

Would you like to view the grace and majesty of the Edwardian era at Casa Loma?

In North America, it is the only full-sized castle and the Liberty Entertainment Group brings the premier historic attraction of Toronto. You can witness secret passageways, highly furnished rooms with real era furnishings or take in the wonderful view of Toronto from one of the towers.

Casa Loma is surrounded over five acres displaying complex sculptures and fountains together with carefully tended displays of perennials and a woody hillside full of wildflowers and attractive grasses.

With an 800 ft tunnel, the stables and carriage house are linked to Casa Loma that runs 18 ft under Austin Terrace. Apart from that, the tunnel features an exhibit of Dark Side of Toronto that explains the story in archival photographs of Toronto’s darker days including The Depression, Prohibition, The Plague, First Plane Crash of Toronto and The Great Toronto Fire. 

Toronto Zoo

In the list of things to do in Toronto, now comes Toronto zoo that has more than 5,000 animals with care. In the zoo, you can experience 450 species, as the Toronto Zoo is devoted to fighting extinction and involving people to wildlife. 

Other than that, you can discover award-winning indoor tropical pavilions such as the African Rainforest, home to the baby Western lowland gorilla and pygmy hippo calf. Moreover, you can enjoy gossip with a daily keeper, seasonal animals. Splash Island and Kids Zoo are the reserved areas for children.

Terra Lumina is another new opening, which is an enthralling night walk into a brilliant future. Visitors in Terra Lumina experience a trip with a radiant vision of the future of the planet.

Final Thoughts

So, it was a precise list of things to do in Toronto and I hope you will definitely enjoy your trip. Toronto is a great place to calm down your nerves stressed out from the daily routine. So, come and enjoy the beauty of this place.